Stephanie Testa | Operations

Stephanie studied Film & Media, with a special interest in documentary. She sold her senior thesis film, and moved to NYC in 2004 to work on several documentaries as a technical consultant. Then as a freelance TV promo editor, she developed an obsessive interest in the post production and found her stride in short-form content. In 2008, Stephanie founded One Glass to focus on just that. Meanwhile, the concept of Branded Content was born, and she is now now a master of the craft.

Christopher Nuut | Director

Chris moved to the US from Manchester, England when he was 3 years old, bouncing around different states as he grew up. He eventually landed in Philadelphia, where he studied Film & Video Production at Drexel University.  After college, New York beckoned, where he worked in all aspects of video production, always focused on the human element of storytelling.  He feels privileged to be trusted with steering a clients message through the video production process.  When not working or playing cars and trains with his son, he enjoys riding motorcycles.  

Ricky Irwin | Senior Editor

Ricky grew up in San Diego, California, and graduated with a degree in Film & Media Production from University of California: Los Angeles. After graduating, he worked on a number of shows for Adult Swim, including the Tim & Eric spin-off show Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. He moved across the country to New York in May of 2014 because he was sick of the perfect LA weather and wanted to experience something new. He joined One Glass in September of 2014 and has since been the company’s rock star senior editor.

Colleen Turner | Production Manager

Colleen first became interested in production at age 13 with a Behind-the-Scenes special of MTV’s TRL. She then went on to study Media Technology & Management before becoming a Freelance Production Assistant in the commercial world. At One Glass she keeps us organized, and projects running smoothly. She loves to make videos about her curly hair on weekends via her Youtube channel. Colleen cannot wait to see the vast growth of One Glass Video and intend to be an essential part of that happening.

Jonathan Checkroune | Director of Photography

Originally born in Paris, France, Jonathan moved to the US at an early age and quickly developed an interest for film production which eventually became an obsession. After studying film in Miami, his passion for cinematography developed and Jonathan moved to New York to further emerge himself in the craft. Today, his experience in both narrative and commercial work combines to create a cinematic style for all forms of production. 

Brendan Jenkins | Editor

Brendan is a passionate, young filmmaker from  Somerset, NJ. With a background including short films, music videos and wedding videography, he'll shoot or edit anything he can get his hands on. Brendan is working as an editor for One Glass, and also lends a hand on productions. Brendan has previously worked for Complex News, Oneonefive and The Creative Mind Group and his work has been screened in New York, London and the Cannes Film Festival. 

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