Short Documentary

We create short form documentary content for publications and brands. With a fiercely creative team of writers, directors, production crew, and post-production staff, there are no limits to the size or scope of our projects.  Each step of the process, from concept development, production planning, execution and editing are handled professionally and with creative integrity.  

We thrive on the challenges of documentary production, and we love finding new ways to tell stories and engage audiences.

Working with Real People


Telling personal stories requires sensitivity and insight, and this is where our production team thrives. With the ability to make our subjects comfortable even when there are cameras on, we are able to bring out the most compelling stories and intimate glimpses into the lives of real people.

On Location


Filming on location is huge part of most documentary style productions. With our lighting expertise, we are able to make the most of any location, creating textured atmospheres and dynamic scenes without a huge crew footprint. 

In the Studio


Some stories are best told in the studio, but that doesn't have to mean that the visuals are bland and repetitive. With our in-house studio, we are able to achieve many different looks and backgrounds, from a simple white or color background, to a full blown set.

How We Work:


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