• Stephanie Testa

How to Create Product Videos that Increase Sales

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

You’re probably researching product videos because you’ve seen companies experience increased engagement, brand awareness, and higher SEO ranking from videos. Maybe you’ve read on various digital marketing blogs how product videos can increase sales and conversion rates. Now you want to know how to get started with video content creation. Well, video shoots don’t have to be difficult, long, or expensive when you’re well-prepared. Here’s how we at One Glass Video create professional product videos that increase sales.


It all starts with careful planning. More than drafting up a basic budget, our studio-based production packages covers all the small details.

A professional production team's planning process should always start with an in-depth market analysis. We look at what’s trending, what’s relevant to your product or service, and what your competition is doing. Our research will help you determine and understand your target audience and how to optimize the videos’ format and length for the various digital platforms. Putting together a product commercial that converts leads and increases sales requires specially crafting videos to reach your business’ goals.

Sound planning and working with a professional product video production company are the key ways you’ll save time and money. With the right video strategy in place, you’ll maximize shoots and have dynamic storytelling that helps customers connect with your brand.


During this second phase, we’ll coordinate your brand assets and creative talent. Having our in-house team collaborating from the start means you’ll have a product video series that presents your brand consistently. One Glass Video production services include script writing, lighting design, audio engineering, and more.

Because of our thorough planning phase, we’ll ensure you’re prepared to maximize your product video shoots. You’ll have quality product shots, high-resolution graphics, meaningful script and text, and compelling call to actions. Our crew and talent show up prepared to record the various shots, voiceovers, and necessary bumpers. From end cards to professional music and scoring, we’ve got all the details covered.


More than just stringing together static and moving images, our video editing services takes into account where your videos will be seen and optimize them for social media, mobile devices, and other online platforms. So, whether you’re adding them in your newsletters, product pages, blogs, Amazon or e-commerce stores, your video will have the correct aspect ratio, highest resolution, visible branding, and perfect length to grab the attention of your potential customers and drive sales.

There’s lot more that goes into creating product videos that increase sales. We’ve done this several times over so you can rest assured we’ll remember small, but essential tasks like sourcing media rights, using the proper video specs, and ensuring continuity. One Glass Video is here to help you engage your audience with product videos and commercials. Let’s talk about how we can create high-quality product videos that increase sales.

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