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How Long Should a Product Video Be?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

So you want to produce a commercial for your product. There’s so much to decide like the video’s look and style, marketing channels (social media, e-commerce or your company's website), production budgets, and even the video’s length. Are 30-second commercials still a thing? They sure are! In a sense, at least. In this post, we’ll explain how long your product video should be and tips for determining its length.

The short answer to ‘what’s the ideal runtime for a product video?’: it varies. Your video content should be customized to the specific product, your messaging goal, and the platform.

AdAge says that “marketers have just 10 seconds to capture and engage an audience before they continue to scroll down or click away”. Getting creative with your hook means using visual or aural cues. Think addressing your potential customer’s problem off the jump. Spark interest with an unusual concept. Use a popular song. Whatever you choose, you should get to the core content in 10 seconds.

In the world of video, ten seconds is a lot of time. An uninspiring story and shoddy visuals can make even a 10-second clip one seem like a 3-hour lecture. When done right, product promotion can zip by leaving viewers feeling entertained, ready to buy or take action. One Glass Video’s product video for Glade Goggles does just that. The 25-second clip is fast-paced and shows off the goggles’ best qualities and customizable features.

When it comes to product videos, shorter is often better because people browsing the internet have limited attention spans and encounter endless distractions. Here are some tips for determining your video’s length.

What action the viewer should take

Knowing what you action you’d like the viewer to take impacts its runtime. Do customers need time to memorize a coupon code, your company’s name, or other contact info? Is there a clickable link nearby? For product videos that showcase lots of new features, we recommend thinking about your video as multiple chapters in a longer story. Instead of one 10-minute video, you can have ten 1-minute clips that get right to the point.

Where the viewer is watching

Social media platforms have varying length restrictions. For example, Twitter limits recorded and uploaded videos to 140 seconds. Meanwhile, Instagram offers three video options (1-hour live videos; 1-minute profile videos; and 15-second Instagram story videos). These restrictions are constantly changing, so it’s often useful to make several versions of your video. Consider making a 30-second version for social media and a 90-second version for your e-commerce website.

Why the viewer is watching

Understanding your audience’s interests is important. Did the viewer willingly opt-in to watching your commercial? People on YouTube, Vimeo, or (e-commerce) websites usually have more time to spend. You will have less time to attract and keep their attention if the viewer is watching a skippable ad or a random social media post.

Each year, large companies produce multiple video advertisements for their various goods and target audiences. The good news for you is that one professionally done shoot will give you enough material to have multiple versions. An expert product video production company can optimize these versions for your many platforms and marketing goals.

Want to see more example of short and effective product videos? Check out this case study for a kid's product.

One Glass Video is here to help you engage your audience with product videos and commercials. We’ll execute a high-quality commercial that’s just the right length. Let’s talk about how our product video services can help you.

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