• Stephanie Testa

The High Cost of Low-quality Product Videos

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In many aspects, producing high-quality product videos is relatively cheaper and easier than before. That said, the cost of producing amateurish-looking commercials can be major. Outstanding video content can help spread your message far and wide and increase sales. So, before you rush the brush or pinch too many pennies, consider these high costs associated with low-quality videos.

An ineffective or negative first impression

You definitely don’t want to become internet famous for the wrong reasons. Bad lighting and audio, cliché scripts, or janky graphics won’t do your service, app or physical product justice.

Our blog on how to increase sales with product videos explains that an effective video outlines a product’s features, advantages and inspires viewers to give their attention and money. You can attract the right customer when your commercial properly reflects the pricing and quality of your goods. If the video looks cheap and hastily made, then clients looking for higher-end goods will question your brand’s credibility. Strong marketing materials help manage customer expectations.

Reduced sales and conversion rates

A well-produced product commercial can help increase sales by adding credibility and expands market visibility. However, a poorly-produced video will be ineffective at generating sales or converting leads.

Do you think it’s worth paying to boost bad content on social media? We don’t because getting your video in front of more eyes won’t convince viewers to take action. You want a video that converts leads into sales or encourages viewers and increases your reach organically.

Low video quality can be the result of several factors. When you rush production or show up unprepared, you lose funds, time, make a negative impression, and even attract the wrong customers. Getting a fantastic audio-visual presentation doesn’t always require spending more money. Save yourself the frustration and get back to running your business by hiring experienced professionals with an eye for detail.

Lost time

The best product video requires a multi-talented team (think about lighting, audio, animation, acting, scriptwriting, directing, etc.). Freelancers on job boards usually only specialize in one or two skills. Going with a professional video production company means you don’t lose time researching, hiring, and coordinating each aspect of the creative process. A professional crew will have an established relationship, cohesive creative vision, assured availability, and guarantee quality.

Also, while you can correct a lot of things on the editing floor, the truth is bad source material limits your options. Choosing to Dr. Frankenstein your source material with special effects and stock footage is costly. Instead of paying for a lengthy post-production process, invest in a professional video production company that can do the job right the first time around.

Hidden fees

Amateur or freelance video creators are not always transparent that production costs extends beyond their labor. While working with them, you might encounter unexpected costs during and even after the video creation process. Can you say copyrights infringement fines?

Professional studios are aware of all the associated fees such as media royalties, on-camera and voiceover talent compensation, and insurance. Professionals know what’s possible and what to expect because they have successfully completed projects with varying budgets.

One Glass Video is here to help you engage your audience with product videos and commercials. We’ll execute a concept that matches your budget versus stumbling towards an unlikely miracle. Let’s talk about how we can help you avoid the high cost of low-quality product videos.

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