• Chris Nuut

Case Study: Sales Video

Imagine this - you’re part of a sales team for a large company with a global presence, but you’re entering a new market and the company across the table isn’t familiar with what you do or how you do it. You have no credibility in their eyes, yet you know your company is the perfect fit for their needs.

AiPing Pharmaceuticals already had a promotional video for their company. But their sales team wanted a separate video that was targeted to potential customers both in America and China. As a B2B business this meant that the video would be shown in corporate sales meetings with the sales team standing by.

We decided to use senior leadership in the video because these are people the audience would be familiar with. The VO is provided by the VP of Sales (need to check this), and the CEO, name here, is introduced within the first 30 seconds. It was also important to the client that this video showcase their state of the art facility, so the audience would know the latest and greatest technology is integrated into their process at every step.

The video had to work for a primarily Chinese audience, but in the English language, so we developed the content and style to appeal to the Chinese market based on client input and our own internal research.

The final result is a video that conveys a lot of important information in a quick and digestible way. It also delivers on the primary goal of introducing AiPing in sales meetings and giving the audience an solid, high level understanding of what the company is capable of. This gets the conversation off to a healthy start by opening up a natural line of questioning.

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