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Case Study: Product Video

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

We’re always watching videos. Whether it’s narrative features, shorts, documentaries, online content, or anything else that puts still images together to create the illusion of movement (hello to Jason Isaacs). To thrive in the crowded space that is NYC video production we want to continue to create meaningful and effective videos for the markets we’re trying to reach.

Videos are most effective when they work on multiple levels.

Daryling Co.'s Yummy Buddy product

Children’s products are always interesting to make videos for because they have two very different audiences built in. We need to appeal to the decision maker first, the parents, but we also always try to appeal to the child. We want the kids that might see the video to be excited and interested about the product, and we want the inner child of the parent to be sparked to life also. On top of that we’re always trying to refer to the greater trends we’re seeing in video production to make a video that is current, fun, and ultimately makes the viewer want to learn more about the product.

That’s how we ended up with our video for Darlyng and Co., the makers of Yummy Buddy. It has enough information to satisfy the parents’ need for knowledge, it has plenty of fun visuals and light touches to appeal to the child, and it utilizes animation and repetition in a way that is popular for online product videos right now. And we were able to make the video in our in-house production studio (Firelight Studio), with our in-house crew and editors, so we could keep the cost way down for the client. Oh, and there’s cute kids, cute kids always help.

Wondering how we decided on the length of the video? Read our blog post, How Long Should a Product Video Be?

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