• Chris Nuut

Case Study: Product Video

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

“All aboard, me mateys!” It’s not too often you get to write that line into a script. Well, our director writes it into every script, but it’s not very often we keep it in.

Pidoko Kids is quickly becoming the go-to children’s toy manufacturer in the US. And they needed a series of videos to help promote and sell their videos on Amazon.com. We gathered all the elements you need to create fun, descriptive, engaging and illustrative product videos. White cyc, check. Cute kids, check. Upbeat VO artists, check. Whimsical music, check.

People shopping online have more than enough options for any given product, so the assets you’re using to make yours stand out better be effective. What’s the most important thing when representing your product online? Make the audience feel like they are holding it in their hands. Show it in the hands of the people, in this case the very small and cute people, that will be using it. We needed to capture these fun and whimsical toys being used by the children that love them, so our online shopping audience can get a better idea of how they look and feel in the real world. Toys R’ Us is out of business guys, online videos for toys have never been more important!

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