• Chris Nuut

Case Study: Education Video

The Department of Education was working with the creative agency Luminary Labs to highlight the importance of continuing education. It turns out the hardest part about being an adult learner isn’t signing up for school, it’s staying motivated throughout the process to reach graduation. The DOE wanted to make a series of 3 videos that would speak directly to students enrolled in continuing education and help to keep them motivated while they juggled school, jobs, family and life in general.

Luminary Labs does fantastic work and we were honored to be chosen to make the videos for this series. They let us know what they had found in their larger research, and we pitched several ideas on how we could create meaningful videos for the continuing education audience. We decided the best thing to do would be to find real students and tell their true stories in a concise and intentional way. Through several rounds of interviews we identified 3 individuals that were not only terrific students, but also terrific people.

One Glass wrote detailed outlines for each person, and interviewed them in a comfortable setting to capture natural responses to pointed questions. We wanted to get to know the person, but we also needed to convey a larger message about dedication, motivation and persistence. We wanted the final audience to see themselves reflected in the stories of the participants, and we wanted them to walk away with actionable ways to make their lives easier.

This series of videos is a great example of telling a story to achieve an objective. We were able to resonate with the final audience and convey information, without just talking at them.

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