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5 Ways Video Helps Your Website Rank Better in Search Engines

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

FACT: In 2019, up to 80% of consumer internet traffic will be from video. It was 64% back in 2014 (Cisco).

FACT: 93% of online experiences start with a search engine (Search Engine Journal).

As such, small businesses in America are incorporating video into their content marketing strategy. Many business owners post their product videos on various social media platforms and e-commerce sites. The real SEO-savvy ones are also embedding these videos on their websites. That’s right, merely having a video on a webpage will make it appear higher in search results. Here are 5 ways video makes for amazing search engine optimization.


As said, simply adding video -- or any non-text media -- will improve your search engine ranking because Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. Why? Using multiple mediums in a blog post or webpage signals quality content. This is why podcasters, vloggers, and news sites embed audio and video files. It’s why video and images have better organic reach than plain-text statuses on social media. Neil Patel’s blog post about video and SEO, which includes videos and images, explains how richer content means more options to add metadata.


YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the world’s largest video search engine. Hosting video content on the platform increases your ranking and discoverability without slowing down your site’s load time.


Video metadata tools like keyword tags, descriptions, and video titles provide search engines with more information. Providing more information helps your product appear in relevant searches.


Posting transcripts of your video content will improve discoverability for potential customers, including the hearing and visually impaired.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate indicates how long people spend on your website. A lower bounce rate shows that visitors are enjoying your content and so spend more time on your e-commerce site. Video can double your bounce rate.

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy and embedding video on your website is critical.

In 2015, twelve percent of small businesses with annual marketing budgets of less than $10,000 used video. Those who didn’t believed that they didn’t have the budget for video production. Unfortunately, some who attempted a low-cost video production campaign encountered the high cost of low-quality product videos.

FACT: Product videos encourage purchases from small business by up to 85% (KissMetrics).

High-quality product videos don’t have to break the bank and can significantly increase conversion rates and sales. All that’s required is hiring a professional product video production company to help develop a creative concept that’s the right length and clearly communicates the product’s features. Your product video project deserves to be handled by a video production company with experience and creative vision.

One Glass Video is here to help you engage your audience with product videos and commercials. Let’s talk about how we can create a series of high-quality product videos that boost your SEO and increases conversion rates.

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