• Stephanie Testa

3 Reasons Why Fresh Content is Critical for Your Website and SEO

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

How quickly do you tire of seeing the same commercials and social media statuses? How likely are you to visit or bookmark a website with a static homepage? The shelf life of online content is short, but consumers desire to research products from multiple perspectives is great. Having fresh content for your business and its various products is critical for keeping your audience interested. Here are 3 reasons why refreshing your website’s content is important

Improves SEO

Updating your website’s content signals to Google’s web spiders (site crawlers) to check you out. If they like what they find, your SEO ranking will improve. Think beyond blocks of text with strategically placed keywords for ways to refresh your content.

Adding video and images with relevant metadata aids SEO because Google’s algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. In 2019, up to 80% of consumer internet traffic will be from video. It was 64% back in 2014 (Cisco).

Signals ‘open for business’

Fresh content tells consumers that your business is still open and making sales. Would you submit an inquiry to or purchase from a website with an outdated blog? Frequently updated blogs and product pages help sites appear active and more current.

Professionally produced, modern-looking product videos encourage social media sharing and are a great update for old blogs and e-commerce websites. With the right planning, you can maximize one video shoot and create multiple product videos to promote throughout the year.

More content for potential customers

Customers need content to aid them in their buying decisions. Detailed product pages, FAQ sections, customer reviews, and even general company updates are all forms of meaningful content for customers.

Videos encourage purchases from small businesses by 85% because they create a sense of transparency and trust, are easier to consume, trigger an emotional response, and offer opportunities for more engagement.

Ready to freshen up?!

Professional product video production has a high return on investment, but poorly produced ones can cost you dearly. Creating multiple videos for the same or different products is an easy way to cheat freshness because it counts as changing core content which improves your indexing frequency and potentially your website’s SEO ranking.

Research shows that video encourages engagement. Search engines love engagement metrics like bounce rates and backlinks. Adding video to pages can easily triple your bounce rate and opportunities for link building.

One Glass Video is here to help you engage your audience with product videos and commercials. Let’s talk about how we can refresh your website with dynamic video content.

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